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Video: American Family Association Calls CNN the "Gay Gestapo"

Earlier this week, Bryan Fischer was cut off during an interview by CNN's Carol Costello. 

Today, Fischer, who is the executive director of the American Family Association, lashed out and claimed he was punished because he had offended the "gay god," reports

"If you tell the truth about homosexuality that is considered an insult, you have committed a crime against the god of gayness and you must be punished."

"It is simply a true fact that homosexuality is immoral, it is unnatural and it is unhealthy.  That is simple statement of fact, but the gay gestapo, they're going to call that an insult."

"CNN's Carol Costello, when I was on with her, she showed you what the gay gestapo was like in action... Carol Costello, the gay gestapo, they don't want to hear the truth about this lifestyle."


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