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Video: Alabama Pastors' Conference is for "White Christians" Only

In Guin, Alabama, a group of pastors claim they are not racist even though only “white Christians” are invited to their three-day conference this week, which will include a cross burning (video below).

Residents noticed flyers posted around the town that read: “Annual Pastors Conference All White Christians Invited.”

Christian Identity Ministries and the Church of God’s Chosen told WIAT-TV that they just didn’t have the “facilities” to accommodate non-whites.

Christian Identity Ministries Pastor William J. Collier said: “We’re seldom ever have been invited to black Muslim events and we never have been invited to NAACP events and we never have been invited to join Jewish synagogues events and stuff.”

“It has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of racism or hate or anything like that. And anybody who would brand it as that would be a racist and a hater themselves, you know.”

Christian Identity Ministries Reverend Mel Lewis added: “We are not burning a cross, look at the word is says it says light a cross. If you light a light in your house do you burn down your house. We often use fire. Our ancient fathers said fire was a cleansing element. Even the Bible says the earth will be purified with fire what purer element can we use as a symbol of our worship.”


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