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Vidalia, Georgia Newspaper Column Demonizes Muslims

The Advance, a newspaper in Vidalia, Ga., recently published a column slamming Muslims with stereotypes and claiming that President Barack Obama is also a Muslim.

The June 18 “Plain Talk” column written by Gerry Allen is rife with unsupported stereotypes and bigoted claims, notes

"A properly trained Muslim male will gladly murder his mother, his wife, his children, or anyone who does not conform to his religious beliefs," Allen wrote. "He sees virtue in totally dominating women and girls. He sees evil in allowing females to get educated and step out of the shadows. Actually, they really don't favor educating anybody in anything but mayhem."

Allen also falsely claimed Obama "is a Muslim himself or at least a Muslim sympathizer."

He failed to mention that Obama has ordered numerous drone bombings in Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, not to mention the killing of Muslim terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

Allen also wrote that Muslims "have been mostly unsuccessful because they can't build anything much more than a donkey cart."

"I think we should send all Muslims back to their native land and be extremely careful about which of them we allow to come back," Allen said, who did not disclose which country his ancestors immigrated from.

Kathy Bradford, an editor at The Advance, told that Allen was not an employee and “[his editorial] doesn’t reflect on what we believe.”

However, no one forced The Advance to publish Allen's editorial.

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