Israeli Sex Cult Allegedly Forced Women To Sleep With Non-Jews To 'Bring About Redemption'

Eight messianic men and women in Israel were arrested for targeting vulnerable Jewish women and forcing them into prostitution.

The group allegedly told the women they had to have sex with non-Jewish men in order to “save the Jewish people and bring about redemption.”

Police said the group “prostituted them under the influence of drugs and alcohol.”

The prime suspect is an eccentric 60-year-old man from Kiryat Arba who is accused of being a cult leader, according to court documents.

The head of the investigation, Superintendent Arik Mordechai, told Haaretz that 15 women were recruited, some of whom are believed to be minors, the Daily Mail reported.

Some of the men they slept with were Palestinian from the West Bank and some were foreign workers from Tel Aviv.

Police were informed of the sex ring by Lehava, an Israeli extremist group which opposed intermarriage. Lehava leader Bentzi Gopstein said the ring included four or five women and was operating in the area for six to seven years.

Arrests were made after a four-month-long undercover operation.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Masa Israel Journey, Haaretz


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