Vandals Turn Crosses Upside Down, Scrawl “Smoke Meth And Hail Satan” In Tenn. Church


Members of a Methodist church in Jackson, Tenn., recently discovered that vandals had broken in and turned crosses upside down.

When congregants at the Lebanon United Methodist Church gathered for service on Sunday they found crosses hung upside down, a page of the Bible burned, and “666” and “smoke meth and hail satan” carved into the altar.

“The cross on the altar table was turned upside down,” church member Kay Williams told WREG-TV. “And a cross that stays at the front of the church was taken down and also put on the table and turned upside down.”

The burnt Bible page was page number 666.

“Oh, there’s only probably about twenty members left on the books,” Williams said of the small church. “Everybody’s either died or married or moved away.”

The church usually leaves its door unlocked so that people can pray any time they choose.

“And you never know, sometimes we find five dollars in the collection plate,” Williams said.

The church pastor has not decided whether they will change their open-door policy, which has been in effect for decades.

No one is sure who would want to attack the church, but church members remain forgiving.

“We don’t hate them, we still love them. Cause they’re a child of God,” Williams said.

There have been a series of church break-ins in Madison County, according to the sheriff’s office.

Sources: TheBlaze, WREG-TV


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