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Vandal Tries to Blow Up Vietnam War Memorial with Cross

An unidentified person tried to blow up a Vietnam War Memorial in Mingus Park in Coos Bay, Oregon with an improvised explosive device (IED) last Friday morning.

The Vietnam War Memorial was donated in 1972 by Western Bank and the Bay Area Jaycees, who dedicated it to veterans who served in the Vietnam War, noted KVAL.

The memorial includes a cross and sits on public land.

Back in February, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Coos Bay City Council telling them to remove the cross from public property.

The Oregon chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union also sent a letter to the city council, urging the removal of the memorial from the public park.

The Liberty Institute, a Christian law group, is now advising the city council.

"Liberty Institute will not be intimidated. We will not back down when it comes to honoring the First Amendment, and we will continue to assist the City of Coos Bay in any way we can," Hiram Sasser of the Liberty Institute told The Christian Post in response to the IED incident.

"We unfortunately are now to the point where explosive devices are being placed next to crosses. These people will stop at nothing to intimidate communities to tear down their veterans memorials."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation also condemned the attempted vandalism: "We expressly do not accomplish that mission by inciting anyone to lawlessness, quite the opposite. We encourage members and citizens to stand up for the law, the First Amendment, which protects all of us, by engaging in educational activities."

Source: KVAL and The Christian Post


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