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Utah Candidate: Gay Teen's Suicide Was Sin Of Murder

Independent Utah state Senate candidate Jason Christensen said Braxton Taylor, a gay teenager who killed himself on Sept. 23, had committed two sins.

A Reddit user noted that Christensen commented on someone's Facebook page on Sept. 28: "Yes this is sad, and hopefully God will have mercy on both sins that this boy committed. The sins of homosexuality and the sins of murder."

In response, a Facebook user wrote at the time: "It wasn't murder, it was suicide. Please show some respect."

Christensen insisted: "When you take a life what do you call it? It's still murder."

Christensen posted and deleted this message on his own Facebook page: "Don’t you love how intolerant the left actually is?" according to the Friendly Atheist.

Christensen asserts that anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT people are part of an "evil communistic agenda" on his campaign website:

Now you may be asking what does property rights have anything to do with discrimination ordinances? It is simple, in this day and age it is the very ones fighting for homosexuality that are promoting these "discrimination" ordinances. They are seeking for and many cases have succeeded government to mandate property owners to rent to such persons, despite ones free will and choice.

They force businesses with in their own property to hire such persons, regardless of the business model. If we look at the State of California and other State’s laws regarding such matters they even force property owners to implement transexual bathrooms.

Utah is attempting to institute such an atrocity. In cities like Provo and others where property rights violations have exceeded over 5000, and is currently working on a "discrimination" ordinance. Which would only allow that number of property rights violations to sky rocket.

Could you only imagine if a family oriented business with the reputation of promoting family values is forced to hire someone that promotes the contrary? Could you only imagine that a renter that religiously believes in the practice of homosexuality as a sin is forced against his or her will to rent to such persons living contrary to their beliefs?

Could you only imagine that churches that believes that homosexuality is a sin is forced to adopt their bathrooms to adopt transsexual restrooms? Could you imagine that private or public owned schools is forced to adopt transexual locker rooms and rest rooms?

Fact of the matter these people are only pandering to the evil communistic agenda. Lets read goals 25, 26, 27 of the communistic goals for world domination published by the FBI in the Congressional library in 1963.

Sources: Reddit, Friendly Atheist, Jason The Patriot / Photo Credit: Jason Christensen for Senate 16/Facebook

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