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Utah Anti-Polygamy Ruling Sparks Criticism (Video)

A federal court struck down part of a Utah law on Friday that prohibits “cohabitation” between a married person and another adult not his or her spouse, and some conservatives are not too happy about it.

According to CNN, the suit brought by the Browns – stars of “Sister Wives” on TLC – saying it violates constitutional rights of due process and religious freedom.

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who in the past has argued polygamy is the antithesis of a traditional family, acknowledged the ruling Sunday.

"Sometimes I hate it when what I predict comes true," the former U.S. senator tweeted.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, also sounded off on the law, saying that it could lead to “consequences of redefining marriage.”

In striking down the part of the law, Judge Clark Waddoups cited a Supreme Court landmark gay rights case Lawrence v. Texas, which ruled that anti-sodomy laws were unconstitutional.

During that Supreme Court ruling in 2003, Santorum told the Associated Press that decriminalizing sodomy would allow "right to polygamy" and other sexual acts.

CNN notes Waddoups' ruling does not ban bigamy "in the literal sense - the fraudulent or otherwise impermissible possession of two purportedly valid marriage licenses for the purpose of entering into more than one purportedly legal marriage."

Utah’s own Republican Gov. Gary Herbert expressed his concern over the ruling, telling The Salt Lake Tribune he would “much rather see decisions on social issues” made by the Legislature instead of the courts, but still needs “to understand the arguments and logic” behind the decision.

Religious groups also criticized the ruling.

"This is what happens when marriage becomes about the emotional and sexual wants of adults, divorced from the needs of children for a mother and a father committed to each other for life," said Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Convention.


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