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Using Columbine Massacre to Convert People to Your Cult is Sick!

I would like to make it very clear that I find Answers in Genesis' article which aims to combine atheism with the horrific murders in Columbine sick. I think that the Answers in Genesis people have sunk to a new low by blaming the slow awakening of the populace to reality for the Columbine and Finland murders. Nothing in atheism supports the idea that murder is okay.

I would like to make it clear that the school murders exhibited in Columbine and Finland are not due to the teaching of evolution nor the absence of god, this is due to the absence of sanity in these people and a stunted respect for human life. This stunted respect for human life is something that Christianity promotes. They teach that it's okay that the God of the Bible burns and tortures people who don't agree with him. It's like promoting a disaster that is promised to be worse than the Nazi Holocaust, the Chinese persecution of the Tibetan people and any bloodshed from all wars around the world combined. In Christianity, it is okay to devalue and disrespect women and see them as subservient to their husbands and to deny us an equal place at the table. Christians see their doctrine, and not the people around them, as of the highest importance and they are willing to kill for their faith - as we see Christian people killing the brave doctors who provide women with the important service of abortion.

Do you want to know why the supernatural is not in the textbook? Because it cannot be measured nor proven. We have to take it on faith and frankly, that's not education - that's indoctrination and we don't need any more of that in our society. We see the effects of it in the here and now, with the oppression of gay people in our society. We see it with the religious right exerting as much control as it can get from the legal system by telling women that abortion is wrong and should not be done, yet offering no support systems to help the women. And humans are animals, our cells and biological processes can be equated to that of animals.

I would have to say that while there is no planned purpose to life, that gives us a lot more freedom and works a lot better for us. This means we have the power to change our lives and not just succeed but thrive without having to eat flesh and drink blood.

Empathy over god

The original article asks what motivation there is to protect the sanctity of life if there is no fantasy god to torture us thinkers after we die. Well, we all have beautiful experiences of our own lives. It is important to exercise self-control because we have to do so to build character, learn patience and enjoy life more. We can deal with problems with love and understanding because we know the slings and pangs of hatred, there is no god needed to augment our sense of empathy.

Empathy is something that religion seriously lacks and I have to say that this is what is most important to society. And it's something that religion teaches people to slough off. When you ask Christians if they support the fact that you will be burning in hell just because you toe the line of their religion, they try to jump around through hoops to make a seriously disturbing lack of empathy seem okay.

Removal of Religion

You want to know why religion has been removed from the public school system? That's because to sponsour one religion is to support one religion over another. What about children in households of another religion - Pagan, Scientologist, Islamic, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Unitarian? And what about children who are fortunate enough to be brought up in a house with no religious indoctrination what so ever?

It's also because of the fact that religion is in opposition to facts about our world and our society and we should teach the truth to children. The Christian doctrine is full of lies, much like any other religion.

I have countered another post on this website calling for the public schools to stop teaching facts and start teaching Christianity.

So, you would fight for my human rights, eh?

The author of this initial post says that if my human rights are violated, then the church and government would stand up for me. Well, I know for a fact that this happens to be a flat out lie and here's why:

I'm a transsexual woman.

And what did my parents do when I told them this when I was starting to go through the hell of a wrong puberty? Well, they took me to the church and the pastor recommended that I be sent away to a reparative therapy camp for the summer. They did this to me 5 times in my life with no real lasting effect. I had to turn to drugs because I was not allowed to transition and when I was forced off of the drugs, I would become exceedingly violent from the testosterone. What the Christians offered did not work and made me more psychotic.

However, when I learned to accept my transsexuality, I became more sane, got off the drugs and with every step I took towards transition, I became happier, much more sane and a fuller person. I can say that the reparative therapy doesn't work and even with people who did not have as bad of a reaction as I had, I have to say that those who are still pretending not to be gay have lost some of their human sparkle. So when the church claims that they fight for my human rights, I call bullshit.

Whose really spreading the hate speech?

Answers in Genesis claim that it's the mentally sane atheists that are speading hate speech about them. However, let's remember their central message: "If you don't matter to god, you don't matter to anyone.". This attacks not just atheists but people of other faiths and humanity in general. It is an insult to humanity to say that we need a god in order to be important. I say that people are important and worthy because they are important and worthy. You don't need to be taught to be afraid of living your life or being who you are in order to be worthy. You are worthy, regardless of your beliefs.

Furthermore, they say that by attacking their attacks against humanity, we are misrepresenting what Christians really believe. Again, bullshit. Christians believe that they are more worthy and that they "get it" because they've been indoctrinated into their religion. They believe that we have the truth and do not understand Christianity because we do not want to submit to the evil of the Christian religion. They create a culture and mentality of superiority. This is one more way to try to keep people in the Christian cult and keep them from thinking for themselves.

The not-so-perfect world

I would like to pull a quote from the Answers in Genesis article:

"In the book of Genesis we read that God created a perfect world—that is, a world that did not know death, suffering or any kind of evil. In this perfect world lived two people who took it upon themselves to try to become like God. In doing so, their sin led to the Fall from grace this world and everyone on it has experienced ever since.

"Our world is not perfect—in fact, it’s very broken. If God withdrew His sustaining poweris paying attention and is actively involved in His creation, but He doesn’t always protect mankind from its own actions. Even the earth itself was cursed after the first sin.

"God is paying attention—so much so that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for mankind’s sin and offer forgiveness to all. God has promised everything will be made right again. He will wipe away every tear and death, pain, and suffering will be no more."

Doesn't that statement contradict itself? If it were a perfect world, it would not have collapsed like a house of cards when humans do what they are programmed to do - be curious.

I would also like to point out one curious thing from that statement - how our original sin is to blame for making our world imperfect. Well, the great original sin of Christianity is eating from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". No, I'm not making this shit up, from the outset, the search for knowledge is vilified in Christianity and this is a very overt way to put it. Knoweldge is not welcome in Christianity. Reason is the enemy of faith and that's why you see so many people unwilling to debate or discuss this topic rationally. They are unwilling to consider the other side nor to disprove my statements.

The Answer: We do matter without God

Since there is no God to torture us after we die for not believing in him, the question still remains - how do we matter? Well, we matter in the works that we do and the lives that we touch. We matter with all the people who love us and care about us. We matter to our friends and family and we matter even to people whose lives we touch. We matter with the good works we do, with the work that we do and with the help that we offer to others.


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