Use Health Care Money to Bomb Syria, Says Family Research Council (Audio)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) recently appeared on the Family Research Council (FRC) radio show "Washington Watch" where he said that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives should use the "Continuing Resolution" (Sept. 30) and the debt ceiling (Oct. 15) as leverage to defund Obamacare.

"What I care about is, let's delay Obamacare and let's make sure we put the country on the path to a balanced budget," said Rep. Jordan, who receives government health care (audio below). 

"That to me is what makes sense. That to me is what is prudent and the right thing to do, whether it happens in the [Continuing Resolution] and, or the debt ceiling, there are both opportunities there."

FRC leader and self-proclaimed Christian Tony Perkins added that Republicans should only approve attacks on Syria if the money meant to provide Americans health care is used for the military action, notes RightWingWatch.org.

"You could even take it to the issue of Syria," Perkins said. "If the President wants to expend resources in going into Syria, maybe you should have to choose between funding Obamacare and funding a war in Syria — can’t do both."

Oddly, Perkins never once made a similar suggestion when President Bush decided to invade Iraq, which cost the U.S. trillions of dollars.

Source: RightWingWatch.org


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