Pastor Told To Leave Russia For Supporting LGBT Rights


An American pastor who is well-known for supporting LGBT rights was recently detained in Russia and then ordered to leave the country.

Only July 10, pastor Jim Mulcahy, 72, was given a fine of roughly $30 and was given five days to exit Russia, the Associated Press reports. 

Mulcahy's lawyer, Karina Artyunyan, told Russian news agency Tass that a city court found Mulcahy's religious activities had violated the terms of his tourist visa. Mulcahy was detained at an LGBT community center in the city of Samara, according to The Russian LGBT Network.

Mulcahy had visited the center previously in September 2015, where he spoke to congregants about his beliefs according to NewNowNext.

According to :

Jim believes that true faith is incompatible with hate speeches that sound from the mouth of not only ordinary parishioners, but of church officials too.

The true servant of God would never reject a person for their homosexuality, never forbid him/her to have communion, never expel him/her from the church community, never humiliate him/her during the service in front of other parishioners.

Russia has been criticized by many Western countries for adopting laws that are used to restrict the rights of religious minorities as well as gays.  It is currently not clear if Mulcahy violated the country's ban on "homosexual propaganda."

Sources: AP via The New York Times, NewNowNext, / Photo credit: Twitter/Jim Mulcahy

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