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'U.S. Military Blocking Baptist Website' Conspiracy Theory Spreads (Video)

Several Christian groups are outraged over conspiracy rumors that the U.S. military blocked, the official website of the Southern Baptist Convention, because of bigotry towards Christians, notes

The American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer claimed there was “hostility towards faith and religious freedom" and there was an Islamist-secularist conspiracy to classify Baptists as a “hate group that spews nothing but ‘hostile content" (video below).

Fox News' Todd Starnes, who broke the story, told the American Family Association during a broadcast: "What we are seeing here, I want to be very clear here, we are seeing under the Obama administration a Christian cleansing underway in the United States military" (video below).

Additionally, conservative David Limbaugh wrote on

Even if some anti-Christians in the military believe Christianity is offensive, what in God’s name would make them believe they have the right to become thought police and selectively suppress First Amendment freedoms (speech, expression, religion, association) – freedoms our armed forces are charged to protect?

However, according to the Baptist Press, Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, a Defense Department spokesman, said that the U.S. military's software filters detected malware at and blocked the website. has been unblocked, added Pickart.

This was concurred by Chris Chapman, the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee's director of information systems.

"As one might expect, the wall of defense for the computer systems of our armed forces is at an optimum level," said Chapman."We appreciate the fact that it goes beyond recognizing invading viruses and includes closing down harmful possibilities. This most recent challenge fits into that latter category, and has been dealt with satisfactorily."

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