U.S. in 'Grave Danger' Because Cross Removed from Pitching Mound, Warns Liberty Counsel (Video)


The St. Louis Cardinals recently erased a cross and a Christian fish symbol that had been drawn on the pitcher's mound, after some complaints by fans.

The cross, fish symbol and the number 6 were drawn there in memory of former Cardinals pitcher Stan Musial, who passed away in January.

However, erasing the cross symbol from the pitcher's mound has now placed Americans “in grave danger” of God’s wrath, claimed Liberty Counsel Vice President of Legal Affairs Steve Crampton.

According to RightWingWatch.org, Crampton issued his warning on the Liberty Counsel's radio show today: “We’ve gone from a nation that exalted God to one that is ashamed of the word. It’s become like, uh, maybe the dirtiest word that can be spoken in public."

"The curse words fly right there in the stadium for the Cardinals, but don't drag God into it in any form or fashion. What an embarrassment for our nation."

"These [Cardinal fans] are God-fearing people that have embraced the Cardinals for many years. And now what are they being told? They are themselves the outsiders. Their beliefs are not welcomed in St. Louis-land anymore," declared Crampton.

However, in reality there was no specific attack against Christians. St. Louis Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak told the St. Louis-Dispatch: “It’s just not club policy to be putting religious symbols on the playing field or throughout the ballpark."

Crampton didn't quote Mozeliak, but did try to speak for God: “We are going to find ourselves, we really are already experiencing, in grave danger. So, our being embarrassed by a cross on the pitcher’s mound is shameful and you can bet that the creator of heaven and Earth is not turning a blind eye on what’s going on in America today."

Source: RightWingWatch.org and St. Louis-Dispatch


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