US Constitution Only Protects Christianity, Claims American Family Association (Video)


American Family Association executive director Bryan Fischer claimed on his radio show "Focal Point" yesterday that the First Amendment was written to protect Christianity only.

Fischer then came to the conclusion that Satanists cannot put up a religious monument next to a Ten Commandments monument that rests at the Oklahoma state capital in Tulsa, Okla.

With no supporting evidence to back him, Fischer literally rewrote the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of the freedom of religion, noted

"By the word 'religion,' the founders meant Christianity," claimed Fischer (video below).

Fischer also longed for the days of his childhood when kids identified themselves by being Catholic, Baptist, Methodist or any other type of Christian denomination.

“At the time of the founding [of the United States], 99.8 percent of the population of the colonies were Christians. The other 0.2 percent were Jews,” claimed Fischer, who didn't provide any evidence and added, "Don't quote me."

“By ‘religion’ the founders were thinking of Christianity,” added Fischer. “So the purpose was to protect the free exercise of the Christian faith. It wasn’t about protecting anything else.”

“They weren’t providing any cover or shelter for the free exercise of Islam or even Judaism or even atheism," said Fischer. "They weren’t saying you can’t do it, I want to be clear on that, they weren’t prohibiting that, they were just saying that is not what we are talking about here.”

Fischer also claimed the states have the power to regulate other religions such as Hinduism, which is not in the U.S. Constitution.

According to, Fischer then applied his "logic" to banning Islam and Satanism.

“Here is where the definition of the word religion becomes absolutely critical,” Fischer continued. “If by ‘religion’ the founders meant Christianity, then you can ban a monument to Satan because that is not Christianity.”

"Our Constitution protects the free exercise of the Christian religion," explained Fischer. "Yours is not a Christian expression, we're not going to have that monument."

"If we don't understand the word 'religion' to mean Christianity as the founders intended it, then we have no way to stop Islam, we have no way to stop Satanism, we have no way to stop any other sort of sinister religion practice that might creep onto the fruited plains," Fischer concluded.

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