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University Of Texas Cop Tells Preacher It's Against The Law To Offend Students (Video)

A University of Texas at Austin campus police officer cited a preacher for disorderly conduct on Feb. 9 after complaints by students (video below).

Brother Jed Smock, who runs Campus Ministry USA, told The Daily Caller his intern-preacher, Joshua, “was speaking out against STDs, warning against anal sex.”

In the video, the officer tells Joshua that offending people with speech is against the law, and that the words "anus" and "penis" offended people. Joshua tells the officer that those are biological words. The officer goes on to say that Joshua could go to jail for offending people.

“After a lawyer representing Joshua called the chief of police, the chief called Joshua and apologized," Smock said. "The citation was withdrawn."

A University of Texas at Austin spokesperson said the citation was “voided,” and added that the officer is currently being trained.

Smock added that he and Joshua “are planning on returning to UT on [Feb. 12] around noon and will be on campus most of the afternoon.”

The Campus Ministry USA website states:

"The skeptics on the campuses are constantly condemning God and justifying their unbelief. Our goal is to defend and glorify God and his government so that every mouth may be stopped and all the world become guilty before the Judge of mankind. Our desire is to see students reconciled to God through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world."

Sources: The Daily Caller, Campus Ministry USA / Photo credit: Brother Jed/YouTube

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