University's Religion Department Now Christian Studies

Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina, has changed the Department of Religion & Philosophy to the Department of Christian Studies on March 9.

Department chair Dr. Adam English said the new name is more accurate to the nature of the department and the curriculum of the program.

He said: "Classes within the department focus primarily on Christian faith and topics relevant to the Christian church -- its history, beliefs and spiritual texts. In addition, departmental courses are taught from a Christian perspective."

English also clarified that the department name change is meant to reflect its devotion to faith through learning.

"While the name Christian Studies reflects our proud commitment to the Christian identity and mission of Campbell, it also affirms our commitment to the life of the mind. For us the life of the mind and the life of faith do not represent two separate and irreconcilable spheres ... in the Department of Christian Studies, we hope to exemplify faith through learning."

The department name change naturally extends to the names of the offered degree programs within the department.  The name change has no effect on the department's course requirements.

"Now more than ever there is an aching need in North Carolina, in the country, and in the world at large for mature and thoughtful disciples of Jesus to apply themselves rigorously to the study of the faith," said English.

"Our students graduate with the tools and skills to articulate the good news of faith, hope and love with conviction and clarity."

Sources: Campbell University / Photo credit: Campbell University

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