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Uncalled-For Christian Prayer at Obama Rally

On April 28, 2010, in Quincy, Illinois, I attended a rally to see President Obama speak. Of course, it mostly went as expected: a few important local figures spoke, and of course the President gave a moving speech.

However, before President Obama spoke, a local Christian minister came to the podium. He spoke of how "God helped us though the flood we had last year," and "thank our wonderful God for helping us through the tough times..." and of course it ended in "in Jesus name we pray, amen."

Yes, a very nice thought. But we were not in a church. No, we were in a public gathering. While this speech being thought of as "no big deal" to the Christian citizens who attended, I'm sure the many people of different cultural backgrounds would say otherwise. It's not the 1950's, people! The separation of church and state has obvisouly been overlooked. This in my opinion, was a very disrespectful gesture to take place in public.

On further note: I have no disrespect for the Christain community. But please mind other people's beliefs.


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