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UMass Dartmouth Student Recalls Fling with Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Last month’s Boston Marathon bombings killed three, injured over 280 and eventually led to an unprecedented city-wide lockdown as federal agents scoured surrounding neighborhoods in search of one of the two suspects responsible for the attack.

That suspect, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is currently facing the death penalty as investigators continue to piece together the events that led up to last month’s horrific bombings.

Despite being billed as a terrorist, murderer, and sociopath by the media and American public following the attacks, one woman offered a different perspective of Tsarnaev during a recent interview with Mother Jones.

“I met him standing outside a building and honestly, his face was enough to capture my heart,” Tsarnaev’s former crush said during the interview.  "I walked right up to him and I was like, 'Oh my God, you are adorable. Can we hang out?' I'm very forward."

However, it was Tsarnaev who became a little too forward between the pair during a casual evening alone in his dorm room.

“He wanted to go further than I did, and that made me uncomfortable, and I realized that that's not the kind of person that I wanted to be around," the girl, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Mother Jones. "I don't think that's necessarily being a terrorist. I think that's just called being a hands-y teenaged boy."

The woman also said Tsarnaev’s friends – three of whom were recently arrested in connection to the case – looked up to him as an idol. She also expressed shock that Tsarnaev and his friends could have played a role in last month’s bombings.

"There was no indication that they were crazy at all. They just seemed goofy, kind of lackadaisical, not interested in their studies. But, you know, whatever, it was their first semester of college. No one really cared about books."

The girl also doubted that religion played a factor in the bombings, noting Tsarnaev rarely discussed his faith.

"He never mentioned anything about religion," she said. If he had been devoutly religious, he probably wouldn't have become romantically entangled with her, she added, because she practices a different Eastern religion. "I just can't see him being a radical jihadist just because of the nature of who he was. I don't doubt that he did it, but the 'why?' behind it—I'm having difficulty believing the news."

Sources: Mother Jones, Huffington Post


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