UConn Professor Confronts Creationists Over Darwin (Video)


University of Connecticut Professor James Boster got into a confrontation on Tuesday with some Christian creationist activists on campus.

Boster reportedly spent over two hours debating the creationists about Charles Darwin and evolution.

In a video (below) posted on YouTube, Boster is seen yelling "bull----" several times at creationist Don Karns.

“[Boster] asked me if I had accepted Darwin as my lord and savior,” Karns told Christian News. “He was very agitated, very demonstrative... It was very unbecoming of a professor.”

Boster also preached to students nearby: “Feel your spiritual kinship not just with other humans, but also with your fellow mammals."

“Have you accepted your place in the divine pattern of life?" Boster asked the students. "The tree of life, where you feel your spiritual kinship not just with humans, but also with your fellow mammals? With your fellow amniotes? With your fellow eukaryotes?"

At one point, Boster tells the students to say “praise Darwin,” which some of them do.

Boster told Campus Reform that his statements were “street theater geared to respond to the tone that [the creationists] had set when they told a student that he was going to hell."

Boster claimed that he was not anti-Christian and cited a UConn paper that he co-wrote with others about Christian missionaries:

I believe that genuine Christians are very impressive human beings if you actually happen to meet one. They are the ones who have read and have acted in accordance with Matthew Chapter 5 in their daily lives.

However, the UConn administration wasn't happy with Bolster. CourtantBlogs.com reports the university released a statement on Wednesday:

Everyone has the right to exercise free speech on our campuses. At the same time, we expect our faculty to act in a way that promotes civil discourse and to express themselves respectfully. The use of abusive language and a confrontational posture are inconsistent with UConn’s values.

Sources: UConn.edu, Christian News, Campus Reform, CourtantBlogs.com


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