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UC Berkeley Students Try to Ban Salvation Army Bell Ringers

The University of California-Berkeley is reviewing a resolution passed by the student government, in November, that would ban Salvation Army bell ringers from campus because of the Christian organization’s alleged stand against homosexuality.

The resolution states: "Salvation Army church services, including charity services, are available only to people ‘who accept and abide by the Salvation Army’s doctrine and discipline,’ which excludes homosexuality," reports

“Allowing the Salvation Army to collect donations on campus is a form of financial assistance that empowers the organization to spend the money it raises here in order to discriminate and advocate discrimination against queer people."

Kathy Lovin, a spokeswoman for the Salvation Army, told "The notion that we require those we help to 'accept and abide by the Salvation Army's doctrine and discipline which excludes homosexuality' to receive assistance is totally false. The only requirement for service from The Salvation Army is demonstrated need and our ability to meet it."

However, that's not entirely true. Some Salvation Army offices will only serve people who can prove that they reside in a nearby zip code.


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