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Two Restaurant Employees Receive Award For Rescuing Elderly Man From Flooded Car (Video)

A 78-year-old Oklahoma man was saved from near disaster by two employees of a Chick-fil-A restaurant, who rescued him from his car after it was swept up in flood waters (video below).

Terry Smith was driving to dinner in Oklahoma City when flood waters overwhelmed his car in May.

“He called me and he said ‘I need help’ and I was thinking let’s change a light bulb or something and he said ‘my car is floating away and filling up with water,” Stacey Weddington, Terry’s daughter, told KFOR.

Although Smith called 911 immediately, two restaurant employees Luis Torres and Jessica Gernandt, noticed his predicament and intervened to help before the emergency services got to the scene.

“He (Torres) and I went and got him and we just walked him up here to the store,” Gernandt said.

“I was just thinking that I needed to help him,” added Torres, who was also working the night shift.

Oklahoma experienced extremely high rainfall levels in May, resulting in the deaths of three people, TheBlaze reported.

Weddington was so grateful for the two employees’ actions that she nominated them for KFOR’s “Pay it 4ward” award, which gives $400 to someone who does something extraordinary to help another person.

“Do these towels look familiar?” Weddington asked the two employees when she arrived at the restaurant to present the award. “You all used these towels to dry off my dad when you rescued him when his car was filling up with water and floating down the street.”

Both Torres and Gernandt said they planned to use the extra money to buy things for their families.

“You are heroes and angels to our family. You did not have to do what you did, but you guys really stepped up and showed your heart and our family is forever grateful,” Weddington added, reported TheBlaze.

Smith accompanied his daughter to the restaurant to hand over the award.

“I was up to here in water,” Smith said, holding his hand to his chin. “I didn’t know how I was going to get out, but they came to the rescue. God bless them.”

Sources: TheBlaze, KFOR, MadWorldNews

Photo Credit: TheBlaze


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