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Two New York Men Arrested for Planning to Build X-Ray Weapon

Two men in upstate New York have been accused of secretly developing a portable X-ray weapon intended to target opponents of Israel.

The men have been charged with conspiracy to provide support to terrorists.

Their intention in building the machine was to “surreptitiously deliver damaging and even lethal doses of radiation against” enemies of Israel. The two men, Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight, had been appealing to Jewish organizations for funding.

While Crawford appears to have been the one advocating and seeking funding for the weapon, Feight “designed, built, and tested the remote control.”

Crawford, who claims to be a KKK member, had also sought funding from the KKK. Investigators reported that Crawford had specifically identified Muslims as his target, as well as other, more specific individuals and groups. One of these potential targets was described as a “political figure”, and is believed to be President Obama.

Both the KKK member and members of the Jewish organizations to whom Crawford had appealed reported Crawford's plans to authorities. In April of 2012, authorities began the investigation into Crawford’s activities.

Within weeks, investigators had an undercover source in place, who was able to record meetings and conversations. In the months to come, Crawford would describe to the agents “his radiation emitting device, his remote initiation device, mobilizing the radiation device,” and would even go so far as to discuss “operation security concerns.”

Over the course of the next year, the undercover investigators provided Crawford with tools and money: in June, they gave Crawford X-ray tubes “to examine for possible use in the weapon.”

When, in November, the investigator met with both Crawford and Feight for the first time, both men expressed commitment to their project, and even went so far as to give their group a name – “the guild.”

The investigator then gave Feight $1,000 to build the control system. Knowing that Crawford had specifically planned to acquire an industrial strength X-ray system, the agent provided him with photos of these machines, which he said “they could obtain.”

The two men were arrested before the machine could be built, and nobody was hurt.

Crawford and Feight planned for the remote device to deliver damaging radiation rays to its target, the effects of which would slowly begin to appear over the course of several days. Scientists and researchers, however, doubt that such a weapon could realistically be created, or used.

While, in theory, the idea may be possible, Peter Caracappa of Rensselaer Polyetchnic Institute has described it the likelihood of delivering “a lethal dose of radiation in a short period of time” as “extremely infeasible.”

The two men appeared in separate trials, both of them handcuffed. Neither addressed the audience that had gathered.

On Monday, Feight pleaded guilty to domestic terrorism related charges, and could now face 15 years in prison.

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