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TV Evangelist: Woman Gave Donation, Her Baby Was Born Without Tumors (Video)

Televangelist Rod Parsley recently recalled a story about a pregnant woman who gave him a donation at a prayer meeting in Richmond, Virginia, which resulted in her baby being born without cancerous tumors (video below).

Parsley recalled the woman's story during his “Receiving A Prophet’s Reward” program, reports

According to Parsley, the woman put an envelope in his hand during the prayer meeting, and told him three months later that she had been informed by her doctors that her unborn baby had “more tumors in its brain than the doctors could even count."

Parsley said the woman "sowed a seed at that point" (while showing a video of someone writing a check) and added that she told her husband that she was going to Parsley's meeting.

"She gave birth to a baby, perfectly normal, not a single tumor anywhere to be found," Parsley stated. "How great is our God? There has never been a time like this.”

Under an extended video of Parsley's message on his website, he writes: "As you’ll discover today, according to Matthew 10:41, when you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet you’ll receive a prophet’s reward!"

However, Matthew 10:41 is actually referring to Christian hospitality ("receive a prophet"), according to Christian theologian John MacArthur, who does not mention financial support or healing in accordance to that verse.

Source:, The MacArthur Bible Commentary, / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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