Televangelist: BLM Is Mostly Kids (Video)


Televangelist Jim Bakker asserted on July 28 that most Black Lives Matter protesters are "little kids" (video below).

According to, Bakker made his comments during his TV show while showing clips of protesters with the caption "Black Lives Matter Protests":

"Did you ever look at the people marching? Most of them are kids. And you want some kid, 10-, 11-, 12-year old running your country? I mean, it’s beyond comprehension and I say again, I blame our leadership for allowing these riots to get out of hand. It’s no sense in it.

"If you’ve got a big convention of thousands of people coming to have a Republican or Democratic convention, we have no obligation to let them take over and riot in the streets! We need a president that will say, 'No more, we’re not gonna do it!' Why let these little kids, they don’t even know, we used to say they’re not even dry behind the ears, you understand what that means? And yet we let it go on."

On his TV show the week before, Bakker told pastor Ramiro Pena that his program would be shut down if Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not elected, reported

"If Donald Trump isn’t elected, do you envision America to look good, bad or ugly? What will it look like, say, four years from now if we do not change the court? I know what the last eight years, we have seen the greatest deterioration.

"I’m afraid if we have another four years we will not even be able to function. I believe that they’ll shut me down. I believe they’re gonna shut anybody outside the church, all religious activity down. What will America look like if we don’t get on the right track?"

Newsweek reported in March that Bakker, a convicted felon, has been hawking dehydrated survival food on his TV show while warning viewers of the end times.

These $3,500 survival packs include seven years' worth of "pasta, oatmeal, whey milk and black bean burger mix," noted the news site.

Bakker is reportedly selling "fuel-less" power generators for the same doomsday scenarios for $1,784.

Sources: (2), Newsweek / Photo credit: The Jim Bakker Show via YouTube

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