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Turkish Muslim Teens Spread Pro-Holocaust, Anti-Semitic Views on Dutch TV (Video)

A few months ago, four teenage Turkish Muslims living in the Netherlands took some time on Dutch TV to remind us that anti-Semitism is alive and well.

The teens declared their admiration for Hitler while defending the Holocaust amongst a slew of anti-Jewish comments.

“As far as I’m concerned, Hitler should have killed all the Jews,” one of the boys said.

Another participant expressed his satisfaction with the Holocaust.

“I am being really honest,” he said. The host followed by asking “You are satisfied?” again, and the boy answered with a blunt “Yes.”

The teens even went as far as to say that Hitler “didn’t kill Jews for no reason,” and telling the host that every slain Jew must have been guilty of something.

"What Hitler said about Jews is that there will be one day when you see that I am right that I killed all the Jews," another teen said. "And that day will come.” 

When pressed by the host about their statements, the teens revealed that the Israel-Palestine conflict is the source of much of their hatred.

“The hatred for Jews is because they will try and steal someone’s country, like in Gaza,” one of the boys said. “They kill a lot of people,” he continued, telling the host that the Holocaust is justified “because now millions of Palestinians are being killed.”

The host pointed out that many Jewish people do not agree with some of Israel’s policies either, but his statement didn’t seem to resonate with the teens. Instead they followed up with statements like “Jew equals evil, you wish them the worst,” “I have Dutch friends who hate Jews too,” and “You don’t have to know any Jews to say something about them.”

Regardless of anyone’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict, this kind of speech does absolutely no good. Returning hatred with hatred does not solve anything. History should have made that pretty clear by now. 

Source: Times of Israel


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