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Trump Triples Romey's Share Of Muslim Vote Despite Ban

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In the days and weeks following the ISIS-linked terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and San Bernardino, California, President-elect Donald Trump heightened his rhetoric on Muslim extremism -- ultimately calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. Yet, despite repeated threats and attacks against Muslims in America, Trump was able to triple his share of the Muslim vote compared to Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslim turnout in the 2016 election was 90 percent. Furthermore, Trump garnered 13 percent of the Muslim vote, and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took 74 percent of the share.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump’s 13 percent share of the Muslim vote is a large increase over Romney’s 4.4 percent in the 2012 election.

"Muslim were more energized and engaged this election than ever before, turning out in record numbers," said Robert McCaw, director of the government affairs department at the CAIR.

Asra Nomani, a Muslim-American and former Wall Street Journal reporter as well as co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post about why she voted for Trump:

What worried me the most were my concerns about the influence of theocratic Muslim dictatorships, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in a Hillary Clinton America. These dictatorships are no shining examples of progressive society with their failure to offer fundamental human rights and pathways to citizenship to immigrants from India, refugees from Syria and the entire class of de facto slaves that live in those dictatorships.

We have to stand up with moral courage against not just hate against Muslims, but hate by Muslims, so that everyone can live with sukhun, or peace of mind…

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were 701 hate crimes reported in the week since Trump’s election, with 51 anti-Muslim incidents. 

Sources: Daily Mail, CAIR, The Washington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center / Photo credit: Donald Trump/Instagram

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