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Trump: 'You'll Be Saying Merry Christmas Again Very Soon' (Video)

Trump: 'You'll Be Saying Merry Christmas Again Very Soon' (Video) Promo Image

President Donald Trump told televangelist Pat Robertson on July 13 that people will be saying "Merry Christmas" very soon (video below).

In an interview on "The 700 Club," Robertson told Trump that if he could reform health care (replace Obamacare) and reform taxes (tax breaks for the wealthy) he would be re-elected.

After the men laughed, Robertson reminded Trump of his overwhelming support among evangelical Christians who are praying for him.

Trump told Robertson that he was working on getting rid of the Johnson Amendment, which bans tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, from publicly endorsing or campaigning for political candidates:

I signed an executive order so that now people like you, that I want to hear from, ministers and preachers and rabbis and whoever it may be, they can speak. You couldn't speak politically before, now you can. And I want to hear from you and others that we like.

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Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, who is such a great guy, Pastor Jeffress, he used to go on television, I didn't know who he was and he was always speaking so well of me and, you have so many people that I want to hear from. Now, they’re going to be able to speak and that’s going to be a great thing for Christianity, believe me. A great, great thing. And it’s a great thing for religion.

Trump then remarked how he believes things are going to change, especially when it comes to religious freedom:

We have to bring our country back. Our country was going in the wrong direction. You couldn't build. You couldn't do anything. Our country was going in the wrong direction. And by the way what they were doing to religious liberty, they were destroying religious liberty. You'll be saying "Merry Christmas" again very soon.

In more religious news, Christian speaker and author John Piper announced on his "Desiring God" blog on July 10 that he has never wanted to have sex with another woman since marrying his wife, but then described how he has looked at other women sexually:

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You may think I am ill-suited to counsel a young man on how to be faithful to his wife, because, in almost fifty years with my wife, I have never felt enticed to be romantic or to have sex with another woman. However, it might be worth probing whether this (perhaps unusual) fact has causes which are transferrable to you.

Let me clarify. It’s not as good as it sounds. My eyes are as magnetized toward excessive female skin as most men's. I am not designed for beach evangelism. I find airports to be problematic enough. I have zero tolerance for nudity in films -- or even suggestiveness (which rules out almost all of them). One reason (among many) is that any sexually charged image lodges itself in my mind, with regrettable effects.

Sources: The 700 Club via YouTube, Desiring God / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Paparazzo Presents/Wikimedia Commons, Micah Chiang/Flickr

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