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Trump Supporter Meets Syrian Muslim Refugee (Video)

The BBC News recently filmed a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a Syrian Muslim refugee and Pastor Jim Mather discussing Trump’s call to ban Muslims from the U.S. (video below).

Mather, who pastors in Mobile, Alabama, invites local people and refugees to meet and build bridges.

"In defense of Donald Trump, his statement was not to just eliminate all refugees,” Trump supporter Steve Weller said. “He wants to put a halt to figure out what’s going on. That’s basically his words. I don’t think he really wants to stop people like these folks.”

A Muslim woman told Weller that Trump does want to ban “all Muslims, so that is anyone who is of the Muslim faith."

"That is very extreme and discriminating,” she added.

”That’s extreme, but then there’s the radical Muslim that infiltrates, which could be a problem,” Weller countered.

Mustafa Khamees, the Syrian refugee, told Weller that refugees undergo background checks for years by the U.S. government, reported

”[Trump] wants to ban all Muslim People,” Khamees added. “Islam means peace. Our religion means peace. Our Koran doesn’t have anything about killing people or killing anyone, or being a terrorist.”

“It’s a certain segment of your religion that they refer to as ‘radical Islam,’ I’ve heard that name, ISIS, I’ve heard that name, I’ve heard Taliban,” Weller stated. “I’ve heard all these names that we have been told, by the news media, is here, and the politicians and others, that they’re out to harm the West.”

Weller later said: “The fear is, if it’s happening there, and these people that are chopping heads off over there, could happen here, and it’s gotta be protected before heads start getting chopped off here.”

Khamees insisted that “there is always a solution,” which prompted Weller to state: “There’s always a solution, that to me is to be remembered. There’s always a solution.”

Weller then shook hands with the Muslims.

Sources: BBC News, / Photo credit: BBC News via YouTube

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