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Truck Driver Fired For Listing Jesus As His Co-Driver In His Logbook

A Texas truck driver says he was fired because of his religious beliefs. 

Ramiro Olivarez is a veteran truck driver who has worked all over the country, and wherever he goes, he believes Jesus goes with him. His belief is so strong that he even documents Jesus as a co-driver in his logbooks.

Every truck driver in the United States is required by law to a keep a logbook. It is used to document and keep track of hours.

“The graph on there is strictly Ramiro Olivarez,” the truck driver told KRGV. “And Jesus is my co-driver, and that’s my belief — that he’s with me.”

But Olivarez’s religious statement was not well received by his superiors. A letter of termination from his now former Falfurrias employer stated that writing Jesus as a co-driver is a violation of federal and state law.

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The letter also stated that the company asked Olivarez to stop “submitting incomplete documentation and falsifying legal documents” – both of which could leave a truck driver liable to prosecution.

Still, Olivarez insists that his logbook is free of any false information and said that the company never told him to stop writing Jesus in his logbooks. He said he would have stopped but would have put a cross there instead.

“Jesus is my co-driver, and I have no shame in that,” Olivarez said.

The devout Christian is even calling for his fellow truck drivers to do the same. “I strongly encourage you to put Jesus as your co-driver,” Olivarez added. “Let’s make a stand.”

Source: KRGV / Photo Credit: Screenshot from KRGV


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