Ban Muslim Immigration, Says "The Menace of Islam"

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PETOSKEY, MI -- Christians around the world are being attacked and often killed by Muslims, who are carrying out these acts of terrorism in the name of Islam.

The Social Contract, a quarterly journal on public policy, recently released a special issue on "The Menace of Islam." The twenty-one contributions detail:

-- That Islam is not, in fact, a true religion. It is an intolerant ideological cult that seeks to subjugate the world to Shariah Islamic law and condemn all non-Muslims to second-class status.

-- There is no such thing as "moderate Islam...a religion of peace." Islam itself is the problem.

-- Wall Street is actively promoting Shariah finance in the United States.

-- Federal immigration policy places America at risk. An estimated 5 million visa violators include transnational criminals and terrorists. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) employs only 272 special agents to locate and arrest them.

-- Muslim immigration should be stopped for national security reasons. An ever-growing number of naturalized and native-born Muslim terrorists demonstrate that Muslims as a group pose an intolerable risk to the peace and security of our country.


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