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Threatening Letter Prompts Kentucky Mayor To Display Nativity Scene in City Park

Mayor of Coal Run, Kentucky, Andrew H. Scott, received a letter in December 2014 from an activist organization instructing him not to allow public displays of Christmas nativity scenes on Coal Run City property. In response, Mayor Scott claims he threw the letter in the trash, ran out to the local Walmart, and purchased a small nativity scene which he set up in local Coal Run Park near a flagpole.

The Blaze reports that Mayor Scott refuses to be bullied and next year he has plans to display a larger nativity scene at Coal Run City Hall. He tells the Blaze “In my city we say prayer before every commission meeting. If people want to give us hell about that, we’ll pray for them, too.” Additionally, Mayor Scott claims “The left is trying to fundamentally change things in America.”

In a similar incident, Fox 19 News reports, a nativity scene in Brookville, Indiana is now the center of controversy between local residents and the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) which is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Brookville, Indiana Christmas nativity scene has been set up near the Franklin County Courthouse for more than 50 years. Local resident, Wayne Monroe, claims that as far as he is aware, all of Brookville is in support of the nativity scene.

However, the FFRF claims otherwise. Staff attorney for the FFRF tells Fox 19 News "FFRF has no problem with religious displays on private property. It's only when the government is endorsing a religious message as is the case here that they are violating the constitution.”

In response, the Brookville community has placed nativity scenes all around town. Residents are upset that people from out of state are criticizing their religious traditions. The solution is, according to Brookville resident Francis Yee, “If the nativity scene bothers you then don't look at it.”

Sources:The Blaze; Fox19

Photo: wikimedia


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