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Hundreds Of Nativity Scenes Crop Up In Minnesota Town

Every year, the small town of Wadena, Minnesota, would display its plaster Nativity scene at a park. However, the Christmas display was not set up on public property this year due to a lawsuit objecting to the Nativity’s placement.

Though the display was handed over to a group of local ministers, who placed it on private property, other residents responded by putting up their own Nativity scenes. A Facebook event dedicated to the hundreds of Nativity scenes that appeared around Wadena registered nearly 1,250 attendees. 

"After the [City Council's] decision, people were upset," Dani Sworski, who launched the Facebook event, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. 

Though there are 4,000 residents in Wadena, some estimate that there are more Nativity scenes than citizens, the Tribune notes. The Freedom From Religion Foundation said they’re fine with the prominent religious symbols since it’s not on public property. 

The city has replaced the Nativity scene in their park with an inflatable Santa Claus.

Sources: The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Wadena NATIVITY Display/Facebook / Photo Credit: Pedro Dias/Flickr, Glenn Stubbe/Star Tribune

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