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Thousands Of Christians Protest Muslim Conference In Texas (Video)

Thousands of Christian anti-Muslim protesters waved American flags and signs reading "God Bless America" and "Stand For Jesus" demonstrated outside a Muslim conference on Saturday.

The Muslim fundraiser, entitled “Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate,” was held at the the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.

"We're here to stand up for the American way of life from a faction of people who are trying to destroy it," an anti-Muslim protester told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth (video below).

There was also a counter-protest supporting Muslims.

"They want for people to see that we are kind, peaceful people," stated a Muslim woman. "We're not here to fight, we're not here to argue. We're just here to show that we're Americans too."

"If they want to live their life like the Middle East, they can go back to the Middle East," added the anti-Muslim protester.

Muslims held American flags inside and outside the Curtis Culwell Center, but one of the anti-Muslim protesters held a sign telling them not to do so because they were not Americans.

According to KVUE, there was an earlier protest on Friday night in Richardson, Texas, where protesters carried signs quoting the Bible. The protesters yelled with bullhorns at Muslims who came to pray at the Islamic Association of North Texas.

"Time to repent," yelled one Christian protester. "Islam is filled with murder! This is your wake up call. How many of you Muslims are terrorists?"

Sources: KVUE, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth
Image Credit: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth


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