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The Trouble With Atheists? No Organization

1) We don’t provide a united front. We are a diversified bunch of people. Some of us support different atheist organizations, subscribe to different atheist magazines, while others don’t support or subscribe to any at all. 

2) We have no leaders. While there are certainly some standouts in the atheist community there are always disagreements on who we regard as our intellectual heroes.

3) We cannot agree on anything else but religion. We can’t even agree on what to call ourselves. We disagree on such things as the basis (or lack thereof) for morality, on politics, and on whether or not Jesus existed (and if so, what we are to think of him).

4) We have no agreed upon causes. Some focus on the separation of church and state, others on politics, others on science, and still others on specific kinds of religion and/or paranormal claims.

5) We cannot agree about tactics. There are the friendly atheists, spiritual atheists, evangelical atheists, and others who merely want to educate, not necessarily persuade, believers.

We are human beings of every age, shape, gender, skin color, health, wealth, education and social social status. We simply do not believe. We think for ourselves based on solid evidence and good reasons. That is our strength. We cannot be herded like believing sheep. Nor can we be fleeced. But we are everywhere. We are the wave of the future. There is no turning back the hands of time.


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