Religious Right: Control Your Sex Life, Send You to Jail

I have pointed out before how much the religious right want the government to be the sex police. They want to control your bedroom. I, and other secularists like me, want your bedroom to be sacred as long as you participate with other consenting adults.

It's none of the government's business what goes on in there. But to some people, they very much want to control your sex lives. If you are gay, you better bet that they want the government to regulate your sex life. They want to reimpose laws (stuck down by Lawrence V. Texas, U.S. Supreme Court decision) that sent gay men to jail for consensual sex. Well, some on the religious right want to jail you if you have consensual sex with other adults, gay or not.

Case in point, Bryan Fischer, a leader with the anti-gay organization American Family Association twittered: "How to shut down porn industry: pass, enforce laws against fornication, adultery. Every scene = all the photographic proof you need."

Unfortunately, there are laws on the books against adultery, and they are sometimes enforced. These laws are a relic from our Puritan past when women were forced to wear Scarlet As, and forced in a pillory. Indeed, when I read and hear people like Bryan Fischer, I think he would be much happier to have been alive at that time. Indeed, there is much support in the religious right for the reinstatement of blasphemy laws, so in a nation runned by Fischer, people like me could be punished for what we write.

Now, if people don't like pornography and wish to reduce it in society, they can through the free market of ideas, convince their fellow to not view it. I have no problem with that, but I have a big problem with the force of government being used to imprison individuals, and censor pictures of adults having sex. Indeed, the current laws on obscenity should be thrown out, with only laws enforcing child pornography remaining.

Prostitution should be legalized and regulated, so by reducing social harms such as sexually transmitted diseases. To do this we need to ensure we don't elect leaders who wish to remake the U.S. as the Christian right-wing version of Saudi Arabia.


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