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Moral Superiority of Humans Over Judeo-Christian-Islamic God

Jews, Muslims, and Christians all like to argue that their God is the model for morality and all morals stem from their God (I use all three here because the three religions believe in essentially the same God). Well, if that were true, we'd all be immoral, unethical scumbags, because let's take a look at what the morality of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God has in store for us (and I'll be dealing primarily with stuff that goes way back in the history so that the stories are common to all three religions).

Let's go back go the birthplace of all three of these religions and we'll start with Abraham, the person whom each of these religions traces their lineage to. There was almost no Judaism/Christianity/Islam at all, and there wouldn't have been had God not withdrew the command of Abraham to sacrifice his own son. Now, I don't care if the request was withdrawn or not, you, me, or anyone else with half a sense of morality knows that to even think of telling someone to do that is morally reprehensible. Abraham really thought that's what God was wanting to do (of course, that tells you about Abraham's morality too, willing to do something that's very ethically wrong just to please his unethical, immoral God). So we see here that God is a liar. 

Let's go back even further than that, to the supposed flood. Here we see, yet again, God's awful moral character, choosing to wipe out everything but two of each unclean animal and seven of each clean animal, and one "holy" family. If we get to the root of this (we'll take a look a little later), we see that this is God not taking care of the problem, but merely treating the symptoms and not searching for a cure, just as a bad doctor would do. So we see here that God is unjust. 

Now we go back to Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You know, the one you shall not partake of. Well, what God in his right mind would even put the tree there knowing full well Adam and Eve were going to eat of it (because God is all-knowing, remember, so he knew it was going to happen)? So we see here that God knew darn well what was going to happen, and that it was going to mess something up, but he puts it there anyway. So we see that God is either incompetent or completely idiotic. 

So let's go back to the flood thing, where I mentioned that it was treating the symptoms and not the problem. Well, what's the real root of the problem here? The answer is, of course Satan/the devil. Well, here's where I'm ultimately morally superior to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God: I would have gotten rid of Satan the second he rebelled. That is, I'd have destroyed him for good, along with his angels.That's it, problem solved. If I have the perfect plan and something is messing it up, I fix the problem. God is all-powerful, after all, and therefore God could get rid of Satan if he wanted to, but he never did. This would, of course, have eliminated the need to just sit back and have your own son killed (which I think any parent that sits back and just lets someone murder their child has problems anyway, and if God/Jesus are one and the same, well, let's just say suicide is a really stupid thing to do). Nonetheless, this seals the deal on God's crappy morals. 

Those are just a few graphic examples at just how immoral and unethical Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah/etc. really is. Never mind the stoning to death of homosexuals, adulterers, sabbath-breakers, among other groups of people (and you see this kind of thing happening right now in Islamic theocracies under Sharia Law). 

The truth of the matter is any rational human being wouldn't dream of doing any of the above, and would find the source of the problem and fix it. Therefore we are forced to conclude that human beings (and every last one of us, me, you, your neighbor, and even Hitler and Stalin for crying out loud) are morally superior to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God. 


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