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The Ideal Way To End Religious Strife

You know, ever since I left the US one huge difference has hit me: nobody, and I repeat, nobody ever tries to push religion in my face here. Not once has anyone approached me trying to evangelize, or told me I'm going to hell, or anything of that sort. It's nice to live in a country that, despite the fact religion is a big thing here (mainly Catholicism), it's not pushed on anyone, and people's religions stay almost entirely within the confines of their homes or their places of worship (except for those pesky Mormons, but they're everywhere trying to "spread the good news"). 

At any rate, I was thinking about religious rifts and how they tear up society for all parties involved. As I got to thinking about it, I started thinking of how to come up with a solution, when out of the blue, it hit me! 

I think we should section off the world into "religious dominions" and have everyone of a particular religion relocate to that dominion (group of countries), and those groups of countries can have a particular official religion. Further, nobody of another religion would be allowed to enter that dominion (with an exception I'll mention in a minute), and nobody can leave that particular dominion (again, with the same exception mentioned later). 

That way the Christians can have their own little homophobic, reproductive-controlling theocracy that they constantly strive for, the Muslims can have their misogynistic, terroristic theocracy that they view as ideal, and we atheists can have that little world free of religious garbage that we so crave. Everybody wins, because we'll all be practicing our own religion, and further each dominion would be religiously homogeneous, so no religious conflicts would ever arise (internally or externally). 

Now, the one exception where someone could leave one dominion and enter another would be this: each dominion would have treaties with one another that provided for a relocation service for people who just happen to renounce one faith in favor of another (or none at all). Then said person could relocate to the dominion whose official religion (or lack thereof) is his/her newly affirmed faith. That way even with changeovers (which will happen, it's inevitable), these individuals can relocate to the dominion that caters to them, so nobody ever has to feel out of place. 

It's a great idea, and I don't see why, in the face of all the religious wars, we don't implement it. 


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