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Texas Students Protest After Teacher Is Removed From Classroom For Speaking About God (Video)

Students protested outside Santa Rosa High School in Texas on Dec. 7 in support of math teacher Charles Zeissel whom the students say was suspended for speaking about God during class (video below).

More than 50 students held pro-Christian signs and chanted about their faith, the Valley Morning Star reports.

However, school superintendent Heriberto Villarreal told KGBT that no disciplinary action was taken against Zeissel. Rather, school administrators spoke with Zeissel about the school district policy that bans teachers from speaking about God or religion while class is in session.

The talk occurred on Dec. 4, after Zeissel refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his classroom wall, according to the Star. He also reportedly spoke about God and handed out religious materials in class. After the incident, Zeissel was removed from the classroom and asked to leave the school.

The students who protested were worried that Zeissel might have been fired or suspended, but he was at work on Dec. 7 and chatted with students and parents before class, KGBT notes.

Villarreal told the students to come inside the school before classes began, but the kids refused to do so because they believed that Zeissel was not treated right by ​the school.

Sources: KGBT, Valley Morning Star / Photo Credit: Valley Morning Star/YouTube Screenshot, KGBT/Patrick Chalvire

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