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Texas Student Becomes First Pastafarian in US to Wear Colander in Photo ID

Texas Tech student and devout Pastafarian, Eddie Castillo, became the first American to successfully have his government photo ID taken at the DMV while wearing a metal pasta strainer on his head.

The victory — which was preceded by a month-long battle with the state's Department of Public Safety — came as a surprise to Castillo.

"Especially in Lubbock County where we are kind of looked at as one of the most conservative cities in the country," he told KLBK. "I've heard of the stories that happened ... of the guy getting arrested for attempting to do the same thing that I was doing, so when I walked in there, I had to mentally prepare myself to probably gather bond or something to get out of jail. Once she allowed me to put the pasta strainer on my head, I took the biggest, cheesiest smile I probably ever took."

The pasta strainer is worn by adherents of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster — or "Pastafarianism" — a religion born out of one atheist's satirical letter written in 2005 in protest of the Kansas State Board of Education's decision to permit teaching intelligent design in public school science classes. According to its principles, every Friday is a religious holiday and the only dogma allowed is the rejection of dogma.

Castillo said his message is more about religious freedom than about making a statement against religion.

"I would like to think that it actually opens the doors for new age religion and just kind of symbolizes acceptance and it kind of celebrates in a sense that we are a melting pot of a country," he said to KLBK.

The DPS said that it made a mistake and is reportedly planning to rectify the situation with Castillo.


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