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Texas State Senator Dan Patrick Compares Himself to Jesus (Audio)

Texas State Sen. Dan Patrick (R) recently compared himself to Jesus Christ who scolded the pharisees for placing too much emphasis on “laws and rules."

While Jesus was speaking of religious legalism and personal hypocrisy, Patrick was talking about violating the rules that govern the Texas State Legislature in order to pass SB 5, a bill that would not allow abortion after 20 weeks even in the cases of rape and incest (audio below).

Appearing on Mike Huckabee's radio show today, Patrick recalled telling his fellow Republicans to ignore the law and stop State Rep. Wendy Davis' filibuster, notes

"When Jesus criticized the pharisees, he criticized them because their laws and their rules and laws were more important than taking care of people," Patrick said. "In my view, stopping a debate to save thousands of lives ... is more important than our traditions of, 'Well you should never stop someone.' And I said, 'Are we going to become the modern day pharisees as republicans of the Senate?'"

However, Patrick failed to mention the fact that Davis was stopped because she mentioned Planned Parenthood and ultrasounds.

Patrick also attacked the Americans who lawfully gathered in the Texas Senate to support Davis' filibuster, who Patrick called an “organized mob.”



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