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Texas School District Allows Christian Group to Hand Out Bibles (Video)

A school district in Texas is allowing a Christian group to give away Bibles at public schools.

The Cleveland Independent School District (ISD) is allowing the group to give a Bible to any student who wants one, a policy that local Christian parents strongly support (video below).

“I think it's a great idea," parent Kelly Pepper told Fox 26. "I think we should pass out Bibles in school because that's the only way you're going to be saved is through Christ."

“I think just think reading it and knowing God's word we gain something out of that,” added parent Jessica Briscno.

The Cleveland ISD claims the Bible giveaway is legal because of the case Morgan vs. Plano ISD, in which a student fought for the right to hand out candy canes bearing religious messages.

The case began in 2003, but was eventually tossed out by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals because the family suing for their child's right to hand out the Biblical candy canes didn't notify the Plano Independent School District (ISD) by certified mail of the supposed violation of their son's religious rights, noted The Dallas Morning News in 2013.

Fox 26 legal expert Chris Tritico added, "The courts have ruled students handing out religious material to other students is ok. But Cleveland is now expanding that law and saying that another religious group can hand out material that's not the way the court has ruled.”

“Now a real test of that is when a Muslim group shows up in Cleveland and says we want to pass out the Koran what are they going to say then?” added Tritico, who predicted a future lawsuit.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Fox 26


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