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Texas Public Schools Teaching 'End Times' Christian Theology

The Texas Legislature passed a law in 2007 encouraging public schools to teach about the influence of the Bible in history and literature.

Bible courses in Texas public schools include lessons on the earth being 6000 years old and different races coming from Noah's Family.

Texas public schools are also teaching the theology of the 'end times,' according to a new report from the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund.

The new report, 'Reading, Writing & Religion II: Texas Public School Bible Courses in 2011-12,' says that students are being taught: “Survival of the Jewish nation is one of the miracles of history and her greatest agony is yet to come. It was sealed in the book of Daniel 12:4-9, opened in Revelation 5:5, 7, 6:19, Matthew 28:21, 23, John 30:7, Revelation 12:12, 10.”

The students are also taught that “the first time the Lord gathered his people back was after the Babylonian captivity. The second time the Lord will gather his people back will be at the end of the age.”

Students are also taught that they may be living in the last days.

A lesson on the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 suggests that “each church represents a period of history” and “the lukewarm church of the 20th century, today the last period of church history."

The course teaches that Christians will be “raptured” and shows students a Venn diagram showing the pros and cons of theories that time the rapture before the return of Jesus and those that place it afterwards.

Another course shows the movie 'Left Behind,' a fictionalized portrayal of the 'end times' theology in conservative Protestant churches.


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