Texas Official Threatens To Slap People Who Say 'Happy Holidays' Instead Of 'Merry Christmas'


Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller recently threatened to slap people who wish him "Happy Holidays."

Miller wrote on Facebook on Dec. 16: "If one more person says Happy Holidays to me I just might slap them. Either tell me Merry Christmas or just don't say anything."

The posting included a picture of a cowboy underneath sign that reads: “We will never take the Christ out of Christmas.”

However, there is no mention of the fact that "Christmas" never appears in the Bible, nor does any holiday celebrate Jesus' birth in the Good Book.

Undeterred by facts and numerous negative commenters, Miller wrote on Dec. 17: "Good morning my friends. I hope your day is off to a great start. We are just a few days away from welcoming the birth of our savior. As we prepare for Christmas and the joy that accompanies it, I pray that you will thank God for the blessings that come with living in 'one nation under God.' Merry Christmas and may God bless you, your family, our great state, and the United States of America."

According the Houston Chronicle, Miller took to Facebook in the past to advocate using nuclear weapons on the "Muslim world" and compared Syrian refugees to snakes.

In 2013, Miller wrote an online message of support for "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson after Robertson disparaged gay people and said black people were happy living under Jim Crow laws.

"Phil Robertson has every right to express his personal opinions about his Christian faith and against the homosexual lifestyle." Miller wrote. "I defend his right to do so and I stand with him 100%."

"For a television network to cater to and then run scared of the radical gay community is a shame and a disgrace. It demonstrates just what the liberal-left agenda is going to do to our country – rot it from the inside out by killing off American values."

Sources: Facebook (2), Houston Chronicle, MillerForTexas.com / Photo Credit: Sid Miller/Facebook Screenshot

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