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Texas Mayor Declares 2014 'Year of the Bible'

Mayor Tom Hayden of Flower Mound, Texas made a special announcement on December 16th, noting that 2014 would be the “Year of the Bible.”

Hayden repeatedly mentioned that throughout the history of the United States, the most important influence has been the Bible.

With this idea in place, Hayden plans to run a “One Year Bible” program that will lead readers through the entire Bible in just 20 minutes a day. The program includes an app for smartphones, a Facebook page and a list of reading tips.

"His desire was bring our town back to a Biblical foundation which our country was founded and built upon,” a website for the program read. “His vision is that as a Town, as many as wanted to participate, would as a community read through the entire Bible in a year together."

The move has drawn mixed reactions, with some excited for the initiative and others complaining that Hayden was elected as mayor, not a spiritual leader.

Hayden is not the first to initiate such a year. In 2012, Pennsylvania House members declared the year the “Year of the Bible.” In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the same.

Sources: Dallas News, The Huffington Post


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