Texas Man Says He Found Noah's Flood Fossils (Video)


Wayne Propst says that he has found some fossils that are from Noah's flood in Tyler, Texas (video below).

“From Noah’s flood to my front yard, how much better can it get?” Propst told CBS 19.

Propst says the fossils from the Biblical event were found outside Sharon Givan's home, his aunt, where he was moving some dirt.

“What's really interesting to me is we're talking about the largest catastrophe known to man, the flood that engulfed the entire world,” Propst added.

Propst consulted with self-proclaimed fossil expert Joe Taylor who confirmed that the fossils are from the days of Noah.

Taylor hasn't examined the actual fossils, but confirmed their authenticity by looking at pictures sent by Propst and his aunt.

“I've never heard of any of that stuff from over there, I'm surprised he found it there,” Taylor said.

Propst and his aunt have been searching through the dirt with some help from local children for days.

Givan described her archeological technique for cleaning off the fossils: “I just take my toothbrush and work on them until we get it.” 

“To think that it dated back to when God destroyed the earth," Givan added. "I mean, how much better could anything be."

“Now all I got to do is go in front of my aunt's house and pick up something from back when it all began," Propst told the news station. "I don't even gotta search anymore.”

CBS 19 told viewers that it has not performed any independent verification to confirm the claims.

Taylor, who runs the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas, says on his museum website: "I’m Joe Taylor, the director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. If you like fossils, dinosaur digs and other old things you have come to the right place. Check the news reports. We want to show you why we do not believe that the evolution theory or the millions of years concept is good science."

Taylor adds: "The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is a scientific and educational institution dedicated to a correct interpretation of Earth history and fossil remains. We believe that the fossil record speaks of catastrophic events happening several thousand years ago rather than slow processes taking place over millions or billions of years as is held by the popular establishment."

Sources: CBS 19Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum / Photo credit: CBS 19 via YouTube

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