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Texas Elementary School Teacher Won't Let 2nd Grader Bring Bible to Class

A Texas family is looking for legal help after their daughter’s second grade teacher allegedly took away her Bible during reading time.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group, says that the family asked for their assistance when their daughter told them her teacher asked her not to bring the Bible back to school. She had pulled out her good book during “read to myself” time at Hamilton Elementary in Cypress, but the teacher said it was inappropriate reading material, the family claims.

Michael Berry, senior counsel with the Liberty Institute, says that the school has copies of the Bible in its own library.

"So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on Earth would it not be appropriate for their own students?" Berry said.  

School district officials haven’t confirmed that the allegations against the teacher are true. They said in a statement: "During a student's independent reading time, students are required to read a book that is "Just Right." A "Just Right" book is when the student can read most of the words, comprehend the text and that the book is appropriate for the type of text or genre that is being taught. As such religious material, including the Bible, that meets these guidelines would be permissible for a classroom assignment and/or independent reading."

Other parents expressed their dismay with the teacher’s alleged discrimination against the Bible.

"If it were a time when the child could have silent time and read what she wants to read during that time period, she should be able to read whatever she wants to read," said parent Germaine Tanner.

 “They are letting them read the Hunger Games, that’s kids killing kids, why can’t she read the Bible," argued parent Jennifer Muse.

Another parent, however, told KHOU that the teacher was in the right and that “there should be a definite separation” between school and religion.

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