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Parent Claims Texas Elementary School Promotes Christianity At Book Fair

The China Elementary School in Texas was reportedly caught selling Christian books at a school book fair in October 2014.

The Friendly Atheist blog on Patheos reported at the time that a parent took pictures of the Christian books at the fair, which was sponsored by publishing company Scholastic Books.

The school subsequently agreed to remove the Christian books, but the Friendly Atheist now reports that the school recently put some different Christian books on display at a new book fair.

The same parent who took pictures of the earlier books snapped pics of the new Christian book display, which was not part of Scholastic Books.

According to, China Elementary School was in hot water in September 2014 for promoting a campus Christian group, Hawks for Christ, on the school's Facebook page.

Sources: Friendly Atheist,
Image Credit: Supplied via Friendly Atheist


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