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Texas Counties Come Together To Fight To Keep 'In God We Trust' As National Motto

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Counties throughout the state of Texas came together on Tuesday urging that “In God We Trust” remain the national motto.

In the Brown County Commissioner’s Court, the phrase is displayed in a frame mounted to a wall in the commissioner’s courtroom. Court members reportedly voted unanimously to keep the almost 60-year-old motto.

“There are those hooligans who would have it removed, and we have it right there in our courtroom — the top-framed wall piece there,” County judge Ray West said. “And so I would like to move that we adopt a resolution of this court that In God We Trust be retained as our national motto, and shall be permanently and prominently displayed in our courtroom, and for that matter, any other part of the courthouse that we deem to be appropriate.”

Commissioners seconded West’s motion in unison.

“The heathens in Washington who want to do away with it should be run out of town on a rail. So all in favor?” West asked. All present commissioners raised their hands.

“For news reporting, say this was the fastest resolution ever approved by the commissioners court,” West said.

Source: Brownwood Bulletin / Photo Credit. Wikimedia Commons,


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