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Texas Church Puts Up 'LoveSex' Billboard, Shocks Locals (Video)

A billboard with the words" LoveSex" has shocked some residents in Richmond, Texas.

The unusual advertisement on Highway 59 belongs to the River Pointe Church, which is promoting its upcoming sermon series, "LoveSex," notes KHOU (video below).

"The idea of associating the word 'sex' with 'love' to me was a powerful idea. I didn't want to miss that. I didn't want people to miss that, because... in our culture's mind, love has very little to do with sex," Jason Pizzitola, pastor of creative development for River Pointe Church, told The Christian Post.

In addition to the billboard, the River Pointe Church also mailed invitations in pink envelopes with "LoveSex" printed on them.

One woman told KHOU that she threw it away thinking it was porn.

According to a church press release, the "LoveSex" sermons will cover "healing from sexual trauma, character as the key to long-term attraction, and protecting the innocence of our children in a sexually aggressive culture."

The River Pointe Church teaches sex is for a married man and woman, and does not support gay marriage.

Sources: KHOU and The Christian Post


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