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Tennessee Gun Store Offers Discount To Christians Only (Video)

Frontier Firearms in Kingston, Tennessee, is offering a five percent discount on handguns for Christians only. To get the discount, people have to say, "I'm a Christian" (video below).

The gun store's Facebook ad for the discount cites Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey of Tennessee who encouraged Christians last week to arm themselves after the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, on Oct.1. Ramsey cited news reports that the shooter was targeting Christians, which may not be true.

"If Christians are going to be targeted, we need to protect ourselves," Brant Williams, the gun store owner, told WVLT. "And the best way to protect yourself is with the best weapon available, and that happens to be a handgun."

"Ron Ramsey had a good point," Williams added. "Christians need to arm up."

Neither Williams or Ramsey cited any of Jesus Christ's teachings to back up their claims.

"And we can stand up and not worry about being shot for our beliefs, or maybe we can stand up and shoot back," Williams stated.

Cameron Brooks, Chairman of the Knox County Democratic Party, countered:

Anyone that's not Christian in our society is excluded, and I think that's wrong. I think it turns people away from Christianity.

It's not about owning a gun and, you know, retaliation and promoting more violence in our society. It's about promoting peace.

"I'd like to also let Christians know that there are businesses out there, even though the laws try to silence us and those that oppose us try silence us, we won't be silenced," Williams fired back.

Williams didn't cite any specific laws or people who are supposedly trying silence Christians.

Sources: WVLT, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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